COVID-19 The typically quiet late summer period may be the hot selling season of 2020. Associated Press Megan Johnson — Globe correspondent April 9, 2020 3:32 pm It was supposed to be the typical spring boom for real estate. But thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic downturn, what was expected to be a thriving sales season has hit a wall. On the real estate listing site Zillow, there’s already been […]
First Time Home Buyers 1st Time Homebuyer Help -is a Fixer Upper for you? What First-Time Homeowners Should Consider When Purchasing a Fixer-Upper If you’re considering a fixer-upper, start by researching properties in your area. Note that the average listing price for a home in Lexington is about $1.27M; that puts a fixer-upper in the area at an average of about $766,360, since homes needing improvements usually cost about […]
Downsizing How to Let It Go – Emotions of Downsizing  The closer you get to downsizing, the more you will begin to experience uncertainty. Your emotions may try to persuade your decision. Don’t be intimidated by the emotions of downsizing! Let it go! This is a good opportunity to get excited about your new lifestyle. Answer these questions before you begin downsizing. What is your […]
COVID-19 Neighborhood Projects Bring Smiles to Others’ Faces—From a Safe Distance Guest contributor: Jillian Pretzel | Apr 10, 2020 Nenadpress/Getty Images In this time of coronavirus and social distancing, plenty of people are stuck in their homes, trying their best to ward off boredom and keep their spirits high. But somehow, communities around the world have found a way to do just that, for themselves and others. These friendly […]
Downsizing The Start of a New Life: How to Make Downsizing Go Smoothly If you’re feeling stressed but can’t figure out why, take a look around your home. A cluttered home is a leading cause of stress for many people, but its effects are subtle. The cause of your uneasiness lies all around you, but many people simply overlook it. Downsizing, whether due to a move or to […]
Downsizing Is It Time To Downsize?   Ahem, empty nesters. By Grace Haynes LAUREY W. GLENN Downsizing is bittersweet. Moving out of a home filled with decades’ worth of memories can be a difficult decision. But downsizing is a practical option for many empty nesters. Put the sentiments aside for a minute, and evaluate how your home is meeting your current needs. Does your […]
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