Downsizing April 13, 2020

How to Let It Go – Emotions of Downsizing 

The closer you get to downsizing, the more you will begin to experience uncertainty. Your emotions may try to persuade your decision. Don’t be intimidated by the emotions of downsizing! Let it go! This is a good opportunity to get excited about your new lifestyle.

Answer these questions before you begin downsizing.

What is your reason or passion for downsizing?

Remember that you’re downsizing for a reason – you have a brand new and exciting lifestyle on the horizon. Think of all the places you’ve always wanted to see? How great it will feel to actually check it off your bucket list! Take a look at some photos of these places online and in magazines to remind yourself of your why.

You may be getting a little older and your tired of all the upkeep, lets face it, that uphill battle is daunting. Take the stress out of life, look over your items and get rid of the worthless ones. Stop worrying about stuff, and focus on your new adventures to come.

Think hard about your why, this will be a big factor in getting you to move forward.

What is your emotional investment to your items?

Don’t let your emotions ware you down. Listen, you don’t have to sell your favorite piece of furniture that your grandparents had, keep it. Do you really need to keep the 20 items from her house?Wouldn’t it be great to share some of those items with your family? Let them hold on to some great memories & traditions.

Think about each of the items you are questioning – is there anyone who would appreciate them? It could be an amazing gift. Ask friends or family members what they think – a second opinion may help you make your decision.

Having difficulty leaving the family home?

time to enjoy like It’s never easy leaving a place where you’ve grown your family, but if the kids are all grown up and you’re an empty nester, do you really need such a large space? Downsizing will give you a chance for greater flexibility with fewer financial and home maintenance responsibilities. With your financial savings, you can take your family on a vacation that they will remember for a lifetime.

Face it, your kids don’t want your stuff. Give yourself some time to sort through your possessions, and consider that maybe you’re the only one who cherishes those family heirlooms that have been boxed away for years. Create a thumb drive for each of your kids with photos of items you think will create fond memories for them.

Wherever you are in the process, I am here to help you reach your goals from start to finish. You don’t have to conquer this overwhelming task alone. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions, we welcome it.